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About Our Landscape Architects

We believe our clients’ journey is our adventure. As a mid-sized landscape architecture firm, our team of landscape architects and designers have the artistic ingenuity and technical capabilities vital to create spaces that fit today’s demands. From small residential lots to large-scaled destination resorts, Knäak Design Group has the comprehensive know-how to differentiate your project from the competition.

With a wide variety of successful projects throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and China, the landscape architecture and planning firm’s portfolio is worldwide in scope and diversity. Our firm is comprised of registered landscape architects, land planners, civil engineers, certified building contractors, ornamental horticultural experts, and marketing professionals.  Our clients have access to a multi-faceted team of experts who each respectively possess a unique background and skill set and are committed to all aspects of the land development process.

At Knäak Design Group, our span of knowledge on numerous municipalities, government agencies, and construction practices allows us to foresee issues, tackle any problem that may arise, and deliver the best solutions for your land development project. We guide our clients through the maze of regulatory issues, budget concerns, sustainable measures, and functional needs to ultimately help them arrive at a place of ease and clarity.

Our vision is to become an industry leader that inspires its stakeholders to continually strive for quality and innovation, and known for its social commitment to the environment.

Knäak Design Group is headquartered in Southwest Florida serving our clients throughout North America and abroad.

Today, our organization stands strong and is ready to deliver exceptional service. Call us today at 800-560-8361 to learn more about our landscape architecture and land planning services for your next project.