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Our Focus


  • Site Analysis & Selection
  • Project Visioning and Theming
  • Destination Hotel & Resort Planning & Design
  • Traditional Neighborhood Design
  • Golf Course Community Design
  • Office Park Planning & Design
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
  • Recreational Amenity Planning & Design
  • Master-Planned Community Documents (Design Guidelines, CC&R’s, etc.)
  • Streetscape Planning & Design
  • Landscape Concept Design
  • Architectural Concept Design

Land Planning and Development

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Research. Diligence. Collaboration. Regardless of the complexity or size of your land development project, Knäak Design Group employs its modern approach to the land planning process.  Our team works with real estate developers, land development companies, and land developers to help them determine the proper land use for their site. We conduct the site analysis, mapping, valuation findings, and land use assessments to determine a property’s viability.

Land planning requires methodical considerations of the topography, hydrology, vegetation, natural resources, and existing infrastructure that affect and surround the proposed land development site. By carefully incorporating our clients’ vision with the environmental realities of the site, we can assure the cultural elements remain as distinct characteristics. As needed, we assemble and collaborate with other experienced consultants such as structural engineers, civil engineers, architects, or scientists whose experience integrates well with our mission to create sustainable, unique, and timeless spaces for your land development project.

Through proper planning, we can save you time and money by avoiding the common pitfalls that often delay projects.  Contact us today at 800.560.8361.