Could not determine user from environment Graphic Design & Marketing for Land Development Projects




Through entrance statement and logo design, we can capture the essence of the project to establish the brand from the inception.



The visual and textual content on your website and marketing materials are the first impressions that confirm your image, reputation, and trust to your audience.


Your brochures, presentation folders, inserts, catalog of floor plans, and other related sales tools must reinforce your brand, vision, and message while differentiating your project from the competition through graphic design.


Enhance your customers’ experience by showcasing your project’s unique features with a rendered location map locating nearby, amenities, schools, the surrounding are and other key selling points to create a lasting first impression. Invoke the curiosity of realtors and prospects using banners, display boards and posters as they tour your models or sales center.


This animated video depicts an accurate sense of the finished project and will give your prospective clients foresight about their real estate investment.


Market research can enable you to identify your target consumer, gather insights to help you target the right market, and keep up with market trends to maintain a competitive edge.


We can assure your architectural renderings compliment the graphic design needs of the project, display your concept, and become effective sales tool with your marketing materials.

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Do you have a game plan? At Knäak Design Group, we take a modern approach by delivering seamless service to our clients and integrating our graphic design and marketing services from the very start. Our firm is dedicated to making your vision become a reality whether you are a land developer, real estate developer, custom-home builder, or an investment company.

We understand the need to accelerate pre-selling activities by having the sales tools ready to execute your marketing plan. We believe with the proper research, messaging, and positioning, your project will gain an advantage that differentiates you from the competition.  If your customers are prospective homeowners, investors, or business owners, we can develop the marketing tools and properly package your development project seamlessly so you can begin selling.

For more information about our graphic design & marketing services, contact us today.