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Our Focus

Our brightly colored site plan renderings are excellent for builders and land developers to display future recreational amenities, community entries, business parks, or overall master site plans to their prospective clientele.
3-Dimensional photorealistic perspectives are a great way to communicate your architectural vision clearly, effectively, and artistically and can be integrated into your marketing efforts.
A clear path to follow with proper direction and signage is important for a community and its visitors to have a positive experience as they navigate to their destination. 
Hand-drawn renderings have a great effect to show preliminary design, encourage discussion, and gain buy-in during the early stage of the design process.
Showcase your property or community to highlight points of interest, location, amenities, and other great selling points of your project through maps and aerials.
This video or animation shows the walkthrough or fly through route of your project to give the client an accurate sense of the finished product. 

Architectural Renderings

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A Vision into Reality. One of the most crucial objectives in the pre-design process is gaining a collective understanding of our client’s vision. At Knäak Design Group, we utilize architectural renderings to help facilitate and collaborate with our clients and other professionals involved. We want our clients to visualize themselves within the space and feel an emotional connection.  We create renderings that align with our design and with your vision. The result is uniformity and a perfect interpretation. By generating dynamic architectural renderings and 3D perspectives, we can show our clients how patrons will live, work, or play in the new space.

Whether you are leasing, pre-selling, planning, or trying to gain investor buy-in, the visuals must be impactful and make a lasting first impression. We understand the language of marketing and branding through architectural renderings. In the end, we can leverage your color photorealistic perspectives and site plans within the marketing collateral.

Why are 3D renderings or visualizations essential?

  • Saves you time and money by accelerating the sales process
  • Showcases details such as textures, depth and other qualities of your project
  • Produces effective sales tools for your marketing campaigns
  • Illustrates various perspective angles and features of your project
  • Builds brand equity in the marketplace

In a world where time is limited, architectural renderings can be more powerful than a thousand words. Optimize your investment and distinguish yourself from your competitors. At Knäak Design Group, we generate high impact architectural renderings that peak your customers’ interest. Do more than just tell them; show them your vision will be a reality! For more information about our architectural rendering services, contact Knäak Design Group today at 800.560.8361.